Apple and Caramel Mousse Cake

Apples and caramel are a divine combination, but it tastes even better with the addition of the newcomer to Gemoss range – milk caramel chocolate. The cake has rich caramel taste, but despite that it is not too sweet. Both gourmets and those who don’t quite favour sweets will enjoy the apple and caramel mousse cake, says the recipe author, Gemoss Chef-Confectioner Diāna Ozoliņa. For making the cake, use 20 cm diameter mould.

Caramel sponge

76 g egg whites
76 g sugar (1)
32 g eggs
65 g egg yolk
80 g sugar (2)
15 g butter 82.5%
25 ml water
46 g flour
87 g almond flour

1. Beat the egg whites with sugar (1).
2.Prepare “dry” caramel from sugar (2), add butter, then water and immediately remove from the heat source. Strain through a sieve.
3.Beat the eggs and egg yolks, mix with the caramel and fold in part of the egg whites mass, then add all the dry ingredients and the remaining mass of egg whites.
4.Even out the dough on a baking sheet and spread almond crumbs on top (see below).
5.Bake for 170°C, 13-15 min.

Almond crumbs

25 g almond flour
25 g brown sugar
25 g butter
19 g flour
9 g almond slices
q.s. salt

1.In the mixer bowl with the “flat beater” tool, mix all the dry ingredients with cold butter until a sandy texture of crumbs forms.
2.Bake the crumbs at 165°C for 10 min.

Amber chocolate cream

45 g double cream 35% (1)
9 g glucose syrup
2 g gelatine 200 Bloom
50 g roasted almond praline
50 g milk caramel chocolate
82 g double cream 35% (2)

1.Melt chocolate and mix it with praline.
2.Mix double cream (1) with glucose and add soaked gelatin.
3.Blend both masses together.
4.Add cold double cream (2) and blend.
5.Place in the fridge for 24 hours.
6.Mix well before use.

Caramel sauce

150 g sugar
75 g glucose syrup
210 g double cream
1 vanilla pod
55 g butter
1 g salt flakes

1.Prepare caramel from glucose and sugar.
2.Gradually add heated double cream with vanilla and mix.
3.Add butter and blend together.
4.Add salt flakes in the end.
5.Cool down.

Caramelized apples

300 g apples
150 g caramel sauce
q.s. cinnamon

1.Bake the apples in caramel sauce until soft and caramelized.
2.Add cinnamon.
3.Cool down.

Amber muss

90 g water
233 g milk caramel chocolate
75 g roasted almond paste (see picture above)
4 g gelatine 200 Bloom
263 g whipped cream

1.Melt chocolate and blend with warm water at 35°C.
2.Then add toasted almond paste and blend together.
3.Add soaked gelatine.
4.Fold in whipped cream in the end. Use immediately.

Amber mirror glaze

150 g water
300 g sugar
300 g glucose syrup
200 g condensed milk
23 g gelatine 200 Bloom
300 g milk caramel chocolate

1.Boil water, glucose syrup and sugar to 103°C.
2.Add the syrup to condensed milk, gelatine mass and chocolate.
3.Wait a bit for the chocolate to melt and then blend together.
4.Place in the refrigerator at 4°C for 24 hours.

Construction of the mousse cake

1.To construct the apple and caramel mousse cake, first cut out the sponge 18 cm in diameter. Squeeze Amber cream from the pastry bag on top of it and arrange the apple slices on it. Freeze.
2.In a silicone or metal mould (placed on a silicone mat and covered with acetate film) pour in the Amber chocolate mousse in 20 cm diameter, press inside the sponge with Amber cream and apples. Freeze.
3.Heat the glaze in the microwave oven, blend and cover the frozen cake with the glaze (the temperature of which is 35°C). Thaw the cake in the refrigerator for 6 to 8 hours before serving.


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