Become a Gemoss partner

  • Acquire a personal salesrepresentative
  • Get newest product offers
  • Get a regular delivery throughout the Latvia
  • Attend Gemoss organised seminars

A wide range of goods, products and equipment

On our shelves you will find everything you need for successful and continuous HoReCa company operations. From high quality food to high quality bar and kitchen equipment, we only offer tested items from trusted suppliers. Thanks to our extensive warehouses, all the best-sold goods are always available on-site.

Personalised service

By becoming a partner, you will get a personal sales representative who will be responsible for identifying all the necessary goods and products, customising offers and organising regular deliveries. Thanks to the longevity experience of the HoReCa sector servicing, our staff has excellent knowledge of traditional bars, restaurants, hotels and other HoReCa business needs, and will help to create tailor made offers for your needs.

Choose the most convenient shopping method for you

Thanks to the latest technology, our partners provide the opportunity to all our goods, products, equipment and installations to book in online store, but recognise that there are customers who prefer to shop in person. In case you want to see our goods and products in person or do not want to wire transfer payments, you are welcome to go to the Mukusalas 73 street and shop in person. You will not even be required to conclude a cooperation agreement, the only prerequisite – you must be a company whose properties will display when making a payment.

Delivery throughout Latvia

We ensure regular and timely delivery of goods throughout the territory of Latvia. As a Gemoss partner, you will be guaranteed to have a delivery of goods at least once week in any place in Latvia. We visit the most populated regions several times a week.

Seminar for Gemoss partners

Each month Gemoss organises exciting seminars to promote development of the industry. By becoming a partner, you will have the opportunity to participate in these seminars, exchange ideas with other industry representatives, gain new knowledge and expand your contact list.

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