Belcolade – reliable Belgian chocolate for professionals

With an ideal balance of taste, smell and texture- these are the words, which can be said about Belgian chocolate Belcolade, which has a stable position on the Gemoss pastry because of its high quality.

One of the basic rules in professional confectionery is high quality chocolate, which does not lose any taste, smell or visual appeal in any processing way. Because Belcolade chocolate is made from specially selected cocoa beans, which are also properly processed, the products fully meet the requirements of professionals. In vain, Belgian chocolate is world renowned for its unsurpassed quality and sophisticated taste.

In the Gemoss assortment you will find a wide range of branded products, from the exclusive Belcolade Origins line, which has a wide variety of flavours of Belgian chocolate, ending with Belcolade Selection, where even mild milk and creamy white chocolate can have an endless variety in confectionery. Depending on where the cocoa beans are harvested and where the cocoa mass is produced, the nuances of chocolate taste are also different, for example, with noticeable notes of citrus, vanilla, fig or even tobacco, allowing for the endless use of chocolate.

Following the best tradition of Belgian chocolate production, Belcolade products are available in the form of chocolate chips, making it easy to weigh and smooth chocolate, which is important in the pastry shop. High-quality Belgian chocolate will be excellent for coating and glazing, body candy, taffeta, fine decor, tempering, stuffing and for other pastry masterpieces.

The products are available at specialized Gemoss stores or at Gemoss sales representatives.