Best from nature – The Bridge cereal and nut drinks

The Bridge is a family company from Northern Italy that produces a variety of cereal and nut drinks from the most valuable ingredients. Sun energy containing nuts, rice and other cereals have been converted into healthy and delicious drinks, together with mountain-sourced water, which are also suitable for vegans. All Bridge drinks are made from carefully selected and certified ingredients, and the product does not contain cholesterol and lactose. Widely represented in the assortment oatssoyalmondrice and even buckwheat and quinoa drinks!

Cereal drinks from The Bridge – they are an excellent choice not only for those who cannot consume cow’s milk because of health issues (being allergic to milk, intolerance to lactose, dietary restrictions), but also for those who want to diversify their daily diet. Would it be the usual breakfast porridge, smoothie or dessert, there are so many alternatives to milk that taste buds will never get bored. Try supplementing your usual morning coffee with oatmeal milk or enriching it with nut milk – a whole different world of flavors! Also, the popular chia seed puddings aren’t imaginable without creamy almond milk, so it’s worth trying out the diverse products for discovering new flavors. Drinks can be used for a variety of dishes, such as risotto, creamy rivers, vegetable saplings, porridge, pancakes, muffins, desserts, coffee, smudges, etc. Let the fantasy go wild!

You can purchase The Bridge products from Gemoss store-warehouse or by ordering it from Gemoss sales representatives.