Bormioli Rocco glasses for table setting with personality

It is no secret that the table setting forms part of the impression about the meal. The Bormioli Rocco glasses will bring a strong personality and unique mood to any table setting at the restaurant. Elegant design, outstanding quality and perfectly clear glass.

Bormioli Rocco is the leading glass manufacturer in Italy and a large global player with three manufacturing plants, two decorating facilities, leading stores and five sales subsidiaries. The company has a wide range of products that enrich the experience of enjoying drinks and add the warmth of Italian life to the table setting. Be it wine, water, whiskey, champagne or juice, a drink served in the glasses of this brand will always taste special – every customer will attest to it. Because serving matters! And the Italians know how to serve drinks elegantly and confidently to impress the customer.

Bormioli Rocco’s research and development team is constantly working to identify the materials, processing and manufacturing technologies, that afterwards allow it to create avant-garde products and meet the expectations of the most demanding restaurant owners.

Gemoss assortment includes three glass collections – Oriente, Nexo and Electra. Star Glass material is used in the production of these glasses – it has an exclusive chemical content, which provides clear and especially pure glass. In addition, the material is fully recyclable as it does not contain lead. The very limited presence of impurities and colour tones allow one to compare Star Glass to crystal according to its shine, although it is a lighter and more practical material, which is quite important in the restaurant environment.

Bormioli Rocco glasses are created for those who are looking for originality, as well as for those who crave elegant classics.

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