Cake “Japanese moon”

Matcha biscuit

300 g eggs
110 g sugar
50 g Sosa Trehalose
70 g wheat flour
80 g almond flour
20 g Sosa ‘’type A’’ Matcha green tea


Mix the eggs with sugar and Sosa Trehalose. Add the Matcha and continue to whip until the emulsion is creamy and homogeneous. At the end add wheat flour and almond flour, carefully mix with a silicone spatula. Flatten the dough to 0.5 cm in a rack and bake for 6 minutes at 200 °C. Freeze

Matcha whipped gel
500 ml water
15 g Sosa ‘’type A’’ Matcha green tea
60 g sugar
1 g Sosa Mint Green food coloring
30 g Sosa Instangel


Mix the water at 85 °C with Matcha, sugar and food colouring. Cool. Then add Instangel and mix for 1 min. Allow to set for 20 minutes. Then put in a mixer bowl and whip while the mass increases in volume three times. Smooth the gel in a 0.5 cm high tray and freeze.

Black Sesame Crisp

180 g white chocolate
90 g Sosa black sesame paste
80 g Sosa Cantonese sesame
1 g salt
200 g Sosa waffle crisps

Melt the chocolate to 40 °C and add the other ingredients. Smooth out the mass to 2 mm thick between two acetate cling film sheets. Allow to crystallise in a refrigerator and then cut out biscuit sizes and shapes.

Yuzu muss

105 ml water
11 g Sosa Albuwhip
120 g Yuzu purée
60 g sugar
60 g Sosa Trehalose
140 ml milk
60 g Sosa Promousse
32 g Sosa Instantgel
40 g Sosa Yuzu Natural Compound
130 ml heavy cream 35% (lightly whipped)


Mix the water with albumin and whip, adding sugar and trehalose. In a separate bowl mix the milk and Sosa Yuzu Natural Compound, Yuzu purée, Promousse and Instagel, and mix for 1 min. Mix the two masses together and add the whipped cream at the end.

600 g white chocolate
16 g Sosa Bovine gelatine
80 ml water for gelatine
130 g water
360 g heavy cream 35%
340 g 30º Brix syrup
70 g Sosa powdered glucose
10 ml Sosa white food colouring
8 ml Sosa silver food colouring


Mix the water, heavy cream, syrup, glucose and boil. Add the chocolate and bring to a temperature of 101 °C. Add soaked gelatine and food colouring, mix and cover with the cling film in contact with the surface. Allow the glaze to stabilise for 24 h. Use the glaze at 30 °C.

Black sesame rocks (décor)
100 g Sosa black sesame paste
60 ml Sosa roasted sesame oil
180 g Sosa Maltosec
100 g Sosa Cantonese sesame
1 g Sosa Guerande Fleur de Sel

All components are mixed until the mass is homogeneous. Stones are created from the mass.

Chocolate moon stones (décor)

175 g cocoa butter
325 g dark chocolate 70%
13 g Sosa Soy Lecithin
10 ml Sosa black food colouring


Melt the cocoa butter to 60 °C. Add soy lecithin and food colouring, mix for 1 min. Then add the chocolate and mix again. Put in a water bath at 45 °C and whip with a foam kit. Store in a freezer.


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