Calorie explosion Freakshake cocktails

The more, the better – you can call it the latest fashion trend of coffee drink world. If you like coffee, ice cream, whipped cream, caramel chocolate, popcorn, cookies, marshmallow or  anything else sweet, it is possible, that you will be blown away by this years trend – freakshake. The drink, which combines everything possible, has become a kind of challenge for coffee shops: which one will be able to make the most spectacular desert drink.

Main freakshake’s idea is to make a coffee drink in a high glass or cup with a variety of additives – whipped cream, caramel, chocolate or some other dressing, and to garnish it with cookies, waffles, candy, sugar grain or anything else you can imagine. Even donuts, popcorn, brownies, candy floss, jelly candy and other sin snacks are used for making of the drink.

To make the glass look more attractive, it is first dressed with some sauce along the inner edges, Monin caramel such as Monin caramel condensed milk or peanut butter. Then the glass is filled with ice cream cocktail or cold brew coffee, milk and decorations are applied. To have the right volume you must have the whipped cream, other drinks are mixed with cookies in the beginning, so there are many variations. In order not to make it too sweet, sometimes decorations with salt are used or salt caramel garnish might be used. It is better that you not count calories for such drink.