Classy sweets with taste of surprise

When ingredients created in harmony to each other connect, a genuine taste is born. Gemoss brand shelf is complemented Chocolate itChocolate it ,which offers the sophisticated chocolate draweries with original flavor combinations. Chocolate it hides an ideal taste synergy, which is made of carefully picked high quality nuts, dried fruit, coffee beans roasted in Latvia and excellent Belgian chocolate.

Caramelized pecans in chocolate with cinnamon, waffle crunches and saltcaramelized macadamia nuts in white chocolate with vanillapieces of ginger in dark chocolateicaberries in white chocolate, chocolate containing coffee beans – only few from subtle flavors Chocolate it brand’s produce.

Whether or not the gourmet likes coffee, cinnamon or sweet-salty caramel, Chocolate it will be a great gift and a day-to-day treat, and a tasteful and delicious addition to confectionery.

Chocolate it products can be purchased at Gemoss stores.