Closer to nature’s true flavors – cocktail trends of 2019

Each year comes with new breezes and spotlights, and 2019 is no exception. Due to changes in cocktail field, you will be able to experience new taste pleasures at best bars. Society wants to be up-to-date with latest and greatest in – fashion, beauty, interior as well as culinary and drinks. Monin brand manager Inguss Reizenbergs gives as an insight on what drinks can be expect this year and how can you make drink that is up to date.

Nature beyond everything

Cocktail menu’s this year will increasingly show names such as fresh, clean, natural, authentic, transparent, etc., suggesting that the preparation of a drink has been specifically thought-through. A variety of different flavored syrups, for example, elderberrylavenderroses, self-prepared bitters and mixtures, natural decors, self-prepared lemonade and not only. Humanity is tired of artificial and unknown flavors, that is why most are returning to true and real values. An interesting trait that we are witnessing is that even products like cucumber, basil, rosemary and even red onion are expected to become ingredients in cocktails.

It is no secret, that classical cocktails can be home made in hundred and one variety based on the same recipe, that is why this year it’s even more pronounced that people expect something exclusive and special from the barman when they go outside the house. Something memorable, unprecedented and unique is expected from the bar, so experimenting can be expected. One of the top tastes to be found in cocktails this year will be rose – lemonades, syrups, oil, dried flowers, extracts, petal ice cubes and in other variations. Savory flavor lovers will be pleasantly surprised this year  – cocktails will contain more of Habanero and pink pepper.
One of the prerequisites for the enjoyment of cocktails is the design – not only are dried citrus slices to be used this year, but creative approach with chips from various plants, such as carrots, beetroot, apples, pears, rhubarb and pineapple can be expected. Mint is a classic that will never go out of fashion, but it’s worth trying to complement a cocktail with branches of rosemary, thyme, sage, lavender. Pea sprouts, dried rose leaves, laurel leaves – bring out originality and add value to traditional drinks. Various berries will continue to become increasingly popular decors – dry frozen (sublimated). They do not lose color, consistency, but joyously complement the design of any drink and give interesting flavors. In some cocktails, it is popular to use one large ice cube that melts more slowly and provides the temperature and looks good at one for the drink.

Classics in New Light

Classical values, such as Pina Colada, Mohito, Gin with tonic and other world-famous cocktails, will certainly not disappear from beverage menu’s this year, but in the creative era people will gladly enjoy the usual in a slightly different finish. For example, by adding Monin morello cherry syrup or supplementing it with a refreshing Monin morello cherry syrup with gin and tonic – the well-known flavors are presented at a new level. There’s no need to give up classics, however you can spice up your routine with different variations.


So called mocktails or nonalcoholic beverages are becoming more popular with every year. Nonalcoholic cocktails, like prestigious wines, that supplement food, served in wine glasses, made from tea, herbal infusions, fermented juices, punctuation, essences, will increasingly appear in the finer restaurants around the world. In honor of this, a new name has derived – jines (combination of juice and wine) Nonalcoholic drinks with a wide range of aromas can compete with any wine, that is why this alternative will surely concur any food lover’s taste buds, in addition, non-alcoholic cocktails are expected to prevail and for many – will become the primary choice at the bars. After all, how long can you accept juice and ice-cream cocktails.

Digital-era cocktails

As unlikely as it sounds, the cocktail culture will be influenced by technology as well. Animated and 3D cocktail menus will appear at the best bars around the world, but virtual cocktails will attract the most attention. You will be able to change the taste, aroma or even presentation of cocktail with press of a button. A real sensationalism in cocktail culture! Special mobile applications are being made, with which the taster can familiarize himself with a special story about the drink itself or the location where the drink is being tasted.

The essential ingredients in cocktail-making, such as syrups and mashes, as well as bartenders’ accessories such as stylish glasses, cocktail straws or any other items can all be purchased at Gemoss stores. Let us make and enjoy cocktail culture together!