Cocktail foam or egg white substitute

A cocktail is unthinkable without the airy layer of foam on the surface of the glass – now you don’t have to rely on egg white to create it. Add a drop of Foamee Cocktail Foam to the ingredients of the cocktail, shake it in the shaker and serve it with consistent quality and an excellent texture. Foamee is an alternative to egg white, that can be used to prepare cocktails, various drinks and also creamy dishes (like sauces and creams) and to achieve frothing.

1 bottle = 100 ml = 2500 drops = 625 cocktails  prepared

No more eggshells, sticky egg whites, unnecessary waste and complicated recipes – add a few drops of Foamee and prepare the perfect foam for any drink. This is a great alternative to egg white, which is often a burden for bartenders, as it usually has a short shelf life and requires special storage conditions. Foamee, on the other hand, is a convenient product – it does not require too much effort and facilitates the task, ensuring consistent quality in serving the drinks.

  • Produced from natural extracts
  • One drop of foam extract may be enough to prepare one cocktail.
  • Easy to use and always provides consistent quality.
  • The foam retains its consistency for up to three hours.
  • Cocktail foam is added to the ingredients in the shaker.
  • The product can be stored for one year at temperatures from +5 to +30 °C.
  • The product is lactose and gluten free.

Foamee cocktail foam can be purchased at Gemoss (73 Mūkusalas Street) or ordered from a sales agent.