Cocktail ”Passion Colada”

We offer a version of the world’s most popular rum cocktail Pina Colada with Monin Passion purée.


All the ingredients are poured into a shaker and together with the ice, they are thoroughly blended. A strainer is used to separate the cocktail from the ice and it is then poured into a high ball glass with ice. Garnish with fresh raspberries, pineapple leaves and icing sugar.

MONIN syrups are made using only the highest quality raw materials, guaranteeing great, real taste and excellent quality. MONIN Premium syrups and purées give cocktails an excellent and unforgettable flavour. Thanks to the premium quality and variety of flavours, MONIN is chosen by leading Latvian and global bartenders. Prepare with pleasure and you will surprise even the most demanding of cocktail lovers.


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