Confectionery as art – interview with the legendary Spanish chocolatier Hans Ovando

Working with chocolate is a major challenge for any professional confectioner, and not all can become friends with this delicate raw material. Hans Ovando, who has been recognized as Spain’s best-known chocolatier, has achieved a very close friendship with chocolate and he will be visiting Latvia and Gemoss Seminar Hall, in order to transfer his knowledge to us, but before that – an interview with the chocolate expert and the confectionery guru.

Nowadays, when the confectionery has become so diverse, there is often no answer to questions about what the art of the confectionery is and how different it can be perceived. The legendary chocolatier admits that only when you have learned the techniques and skills to work with ingredients, only you can create recipes and can focus on expressing your creativity in the art of confections. And that is how the best possible result is achieved, rather than going the other way around – first with art and then with basic principles. Speaking of creativity in the confectionery, Hans says it is important to be aware of how ingredients interact. How do sweet, sour and bitter tastes interact on taste buds and then you can indulge in the experiments, which Hans himself likes to do, by combining his knowledge of the confectionery and the cookery.

Living at a time when there is a lot of discussion about healthy lifestyle and the abandonment of sinful things, Hans, as a confectioner and the chocolatier, pays large attention to what one eats. Why can’t I eat cake every day or even two, three times a day if I want to do so? With this rhetorical question, Hans also makes you wonder how much sugar is in every bite of cake and maybe cook in a way that you can afford to eat the cake more often without causing you so much harm.

In terms of the characteristics of his own work, Hans acknowledges that everything is based on the fact that we are between the past and the future, and we each choose where we were, where we are and where we will go in our own way. Han’s way is to be in this triangle between the past and the future and to create trends that remain and live with us.

Every year is highlighted by some trends, and Han’s also anticipates what these will be in the confectionery in 2019. The new year will bring creatively prepared and healthy confectionery products with reduced amounts of sugar and fat, as well as thinking about the non-use of allergic products and vegan nutrition. New breezes can be expected in the way the confectionery is packaged for take-aways.

As Han is a very inspiring personality with his success and learned skills, we invited him to inspire Latvia’s confectioner’s. “It doesn’t matter what you want to be and how long it will be. Dreaming with your feet on earth and your mind in heaven, ” Hans Ovando encourages you to follow your dreams.