Customisable design and flawless quality – Sanremo Cafe Racer

The best possible result in one cup of coffee. The equipment range of Gemoss Coffee Studio has been supplemented by the coffee machine Cafe Racer from market leader Sanremo. Unbeatable design, well-considered nuances in functionality and ease of use for any volume of coffee preparation.

Sanremo Cafe Racer

This model of coffee machine is used by the world’s best baristas, , who acknowledge it to be the best for preparing coffee drinks and cocktails. By the way, this coffee machine is praised by professionals for being the official coffee machine of the World Barista Championship, used by the best of the best in coffee latte art and preparing cocktails.

These coffee machines are unique for their ability to customise the design to the visual concept of the interior. Pure elegance, vintage feel or unobtrusive classics – the coffee machine design can be customised both in colour and in style. The design of Sanremo Cafe Racer is inspired by old-fashioned motorcycles, so it leaves a unique first impression.

The most demanding baristas will appreciate the fact that these machines are controlled by a separate boiler, for each coffee group, thus ensuring the exact temperature of the water.

Everyone with large workloads will appreciate the cold touch feature – the steamer that does not heat up during operation.

The unique feature of milk foaming is that the steamer uses the driest steam , possible, therefore the milk foam is perfectly airy.

The device is equipped with a unique impulse heating method , that produces extremely dry steam and creates excellently frothed milk for latte art.

In addition to the adjustable design, the height of the waste water base is also adjustable for use with different sized cups.

The sleek design features an easy-to-use display, that allows you to set the flow time, water volume and temperature. The display shows all preparation parameters in digital format.

Enjoy preparing each cup of coffee with Sanremo Cafe Racer!

To find out more about Sanremo Cafe Racer, visit Gemoss Coffee Studio (73 Mūkusalas Street) or call +371 28654000.