Dish Rental for All Celebrations of Life

An integral part of any party is food and beverages that taste best in good company. Besides the pleasant atmosphere and company, the way the food and beverages are served and presented plays an important role. Whether at banquets, corporate events, weddings, big anniversaries, presentations or other gatherings, serving and presenting food and beverages must not be neglected. Gemoss Dish Rental offers everything that is required for serving banquets for up to 3000 people, and you can book everything that you need quickly and easily with the improved rental application form.

Season top

  • During the summer season drinks dishes of different volumes are topical, allowing everyone to conveniently fill their own glasses. Such serving will be a good solution for bars, breakfast buffets, presentations and other self-service events. For even more convenient serving of beverage containers, special metal racks can be used.
  • For serving fruit, large metal bowls are popular, which can be used for storing bottles on ice or for serving bowl beverages.
  • Melamine trays are perfect for serving a variety of finger foods, meeting various styles and designs.
  • For serving desserts, confectionery products and sweets, the tiered cake trays and stands will be great for designing beautiful dessert tables.
  • Decorations for laying the table will help create the final touch and the right mood, therefore we offer vases of different colours, shapes and sizes for rent. Add plants, candles and greenery to them.
  • A magnificent addition to the botanical style design will be the palm leaf dishes for serving various foods. Original design is guaranteed!
  • Beverages are an integral part of celebrations, therefore the necessary equipment for preparing and serving is also required. Blenders, ice containers and boxes, and a variety of bar equipment and inventory are available for rent.
  • Still available for rent are also all the basic required items – tables and chairs, tablecloths, tableware, dishes and glasses.

Create a festive feeling without any worries about the dishes – get everything you require for serving banquets at Gemoss Dish Rental.