EL Sabor Mexican snacks- recreation at the highest level

One of the newest fast-food snacks comes from Mexican cuisine; the original recipes of consistent quality and satisfaction are now made by the Greek company EL SABOR.

It was established in 1992 and is the only company in Southeastern Europe, which produces corn chips. The company’s modern and fully established equipment combined with the certified production process and dynamic human factor, have contributed significantly to the growth and development of EL SABOR.

EL SABOR offers a wide range of corn chips in various flavours such as chilli, barbecue, cheese and many others. They are made from unmodified corn flour and are very crispy. Also in the assortment there are countless types of sauces – both spicy and mild – together with the chips, it is an excellent taste combination.

Discover a quick snack breakthrough that will take you on a trip to sunny Mexico.