Everything for great confectionery

Confectionery art is a story about details and nuances, that is why it important to keep up preciseness at every step, creating marvels only with quality, comfortable and practical accessories. It will not only ease the work process, but will also allow for a perfect outcome.

Any confectioner will be able to find necessary assortment of goods at Gemoss stores. When working in a large or small HoReCa catering or production company, each can choose all the necessary goods from confectionery and food to storefronts and stands for presenting confectionery products.

Available goods contain professional blendersmixersstoves, as well as cold showcases for serving and storing of confectionery. Cooking equipment consists of professional pans and forms, widely represented silicone product assortment – forms and accessories till last nuance for perfect confectionery.

Decorating of cake is a challenge for amateur, as well as a professional. In order to achieve great result, a large variety of accessories such as decorsmastics the making of them, glazesdried flowers and dried berries. Invariable quality assortment as recognized by confectioners Belgian chocolateMadagascar vanilla podextracts and pastas, sugar, honey, nut flour, different types of aroma pastefood coloring (jelly, powder, aerosol) and other types, required ingredients.

For great representation of confectionery serving dishes are required, that is why assortment contains many types of stands therefore, stands and store cases of different sizes are also represented in the assortment, while cake boxes in different sizes can also be ordered for convenient transportation or sale.

Everything necessary for confectionery can be purchased at Gemoss shop-warehouses or from Gemoss sales representatives.