Gemoss pop-up store opened at Brīvības street 111

On 17th of April, with a spring atmosphere a Gemoss pop-up store was opened. New Gemoss pop up store – warehouse is 250m2 large and it will be available to customers at least a year – as it is accepted, that pop-up shops open for predetermined time.
Gemoss pop-up store will offer customers large variety of goods needed for the bar, restaurant and hotel industry. A wide selection offers customers dishes, glasses, cutlery, kitchen inventory, a variety of preserves, spices, syrups and other goods, as well as a wide range of nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Each week a new batch of freshly roasted coffee “Andrito” is brought to the store, which can be purchased or made at the store.

Ieva Treija, Head of Gemoss, says – ’’Gemoss pop-up store is our expression of creativity. The house for which demolition is planned in the coming years is housed with either old, oblivion or, on the contrary, specially designed furniture for the site. With the new store, we are challenging ourselves a little, but at the same time, we are also looking for more interesting ways to reach customers and get closer to a new, modern generation. Customers with Zero waste values are kindly welcome because the range of nuts, dried fruit, seeds, cereals, as well as BIO products will be the most extensive here. However, it should be noted that this is not a Zero Waste concept store, as packaged products will also be available here.

Photos from pop-up store opening can be seen here.