HoReCa Professionals Experience Program “Lend to Learn”

Gemoss in collaboration with the Sage |  PolyScience has created an experience program for professionals “Lend to Learn” to introduce and promote the use of culinary technology innovations in the HoReCa industry. Within the framework of this program, professionals working in the sector (chefs, confectioners, bartenders) will have the opportunity to use the specially created cuisine latest technologies for a week. This is a unique opportunity to test the latest technology and then share its experience in answering the question – can modern technology improve the quality of work in the kitchen?

Four HoReCa companies under the leadership of the chef will receive 4 devices each week: Smoking Gun Pro Smoke, TheControlFreak induction cooker, Sous Environment Pro Chef and Anti-Griddle from Sage, a leader in innovative culinary equipment Sage | Polyscience. Cooks will have to learn, experiment with them and reveal their potential by using them in their daily work in the kitchen.

At the end of the experience program, you will have to prepare one of the dishes for the four-course mea. Successful industry professionals will see the overall results and one of the participants will receive an outstanding award from the Sage | Polyscience – Smoking Gun Pro. The closing event will take place at Gemoss Seminar Hall, Mukusalas Street 73. The first program closes in November.

“Today the use of modern technology in kitchens is increasing in the world. Innovative manufacturers create machines that not only ease the organization of work, but also provide the opportunity to provide consistent quality, as well as create a diverse, original menu. In order to encourage the introduction of modern technologies into the kitchen, we develop an experience program that will help you to get to know, understand, test the equipment in practice. It is also an important part of this event to share their knowledge and experience in creating a friendly, mutually supportive chef’s movement, “ says Ieva Treija, Head of Gemoss.

Apply for the program inguss@gemoss.lv, Lend To Learn presentation download HERE