Horizon full of new flavors – Monin’s latest products

Along with changes in nature, Monin the assortment has been supplemented with four new products for more interesting beverages and desserts. Three new taste syrups have been added to Monin’s product range this summer – green teanougatacerola, and pear mash.

Acerola syrup – for many, the name of this fruit may sound very strange, however in South America, the fruit is very familiar and widely used. The small red fruit is like cherries, as juicy and refreshing, and therefore, taking into account the fruit’s best qualities, a new syrup has been created to produce refreshing drinks. Monin acerola syrup with refreshing and juicy taste will give the exotic taste notes, and it will be possible to feel South American mood for a moment. The refreshing syrup will fit perfectly into cocktails with gin, martini, and it will justify its taste in a variety of carbonated drinks, lemonade, ice teas and smoothies. The product contains no artificial coloring matter and flavorings, the syrup does not contain lactose and is suitable for vegans.

Nougat syrup – crunchy almonds, hazelnuts, foamed egg whites and honey form a tempting combination that no sweet lover can forget. The crunchy French confectionery product now comes in the form of syrup, reminding about it’s magic in drinks. Monin nougat syrup combines all the best qualities of this sweet, so that cold drinks, coffee and various refreshing cocktails are even more adored by sweet lovers. Add nougat syrup to latte (cold or hot), add it to alcoholic cocktails, such as old fashioned, tea drinks or frappe. The product contains no artificial coloring and flavoring.

Green tea syrup – Green tea cultivated in Asia, with its exquisite taste and scent, is no longer just a hot drink. The new green-tea Monin syrup will allow you to enjoy the nuances of tea’s inherent taste in any season and gives drinks fresh and encouraging flavor dimensions. The syrup is ideal for ice teas, lemonades and cold cocktails. The pronounced taste of green tea, with a light touch of sugar, allows the syrup to be used in many ways – adds it to hot drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, mohito, sparkling cocktails and, of course, the diverse ice teas with fruit. The product contains no artificial coloring and flavoring, product is suitable for vegans.

Pear mash – with its juiciness and softness, the Williams Pear kind pears have become the most cultivated worldwide. Harvested at right time, correctly treated, preserving the best taste properties, the pears of this kind have been used in the production of a new fruit mash. Pronounced pear taste, smell and silky consistency is designed to be used as desert sauce, to be added to cocktails and lemonades, smoothies, frappes, as well as hot drinks and other deserts. The product contains no artificial coloring and flavoring, product is suitable for vegans.

Monin’s official representative in Latvia – Gemoss. You can purchase Monin products from Gemoss store-warehouse or by ordering it from Gemoss sales representatives.