Hot drinks for a Christmas mood

A Christmas mood can be created with music, scents, and of course flavours, and this is an opportunity that should not be missed! Whether it is energising coffee, warming cocoa or a delicious fruit drink, hot drinks are an integral part of the holiday season!

The ordinary latte or cappuccino can be turned into a real Christmas drink, if you add syrup, dessert sauce or fruit purée to it from the wide range of Monin. And why not enjoy something that suits the holiday season so well? In addition, the hot drinks will be a top choice for both adults and children, therefore supplementing the drinks menu will definitely bring benefits to any bar, café or restaurant.

Latte with nuts, vanilla or gingerbread syrup will encourage cosiness, while cappuccino with caramel or cocoa dessert dressing will delight the real gourmets. You can also supplement classics such as mocha with a small dose of syrup, taking it to a whole new level. Inspiring ideas for Christmas drinks and proven combinations for great results can be found here – MONIN MENU OF WINTER DRINKS.

Don’t forget about decorating the drinks – sprinkle whipped cream with waffle crisps, nut crumbs, sugar grains, cinnamon, cocoa or marshmallows. If you would like to decorate drinks with drawings, use dessert sauces filled in convenient packaging, for drawing even the finest lines.

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