In the second Lend to Learn seminar laurels go to chief Kristaps Sīlis

On February 5. the second HoReCa professional workshop Lend to Learn seminar concluded, where three chefs competed with their experience in the use of PolyScience’s kitchen equipment – Artūrs Trinkuns (3 PAVĀRU RESTORĀNS), Valters Zirdziņš(VALTERA RESTORĀNS) un Kristaps Sīlis (DOME).

Artūrs Trinkuns

Valters Zirdziņš

Kristaps Sīlis

Each of the chefs was provided with three PolyScience devices – Smoking Gun Proinduction cooker The Control Freak and Sous Vide Pro Chef circulator. After many hard experiments at the restaurants, chefs gathered in Gemoss Seminar hall to show off their skills and to make a dish they perfected during device testing. On the closing day of the program, all chefs acknowledged that the winners were all because they were convinced that technology was easy to work with in the kitchen and it allowed them to create new tastes. However, the spirit of competition among chefs was fueled by the fact that one of them would receive the excellent PolyScience Smoking Gun Pro in the prize and this would depend from the skills of each presenter.

On a snowy February afternoon, chefs and professionals from the HoReCa industry gathered in the Gemoss Seminar Hall, and waited impatiently for what the chefs would have discovered about the equipment and what they would choose to cook with them. The winner of the main prize was not only decided by the dish, but also by the way, each of them had learned the equipment, was able to use it, and how they shared the experience with others.

Kristaps Sīlis took the lead in the kitchen, preparing sturgeon in the Sous Environmental Pro Chef circulator and serving it with croquet, dill emulsion and lemon gel. The cold snack not only looked good, but also tasted very well, especially the soft sturgeon, which in itself was so complete that it did not require any taste experiments. Kristaps has carefully assessed the mix of flavors and textures so that everything is balanced – the creamy with the crunchy and the sweet with the sour. The circulator has managed to make a particularly gentle sturgeon, in the meantime maintaining the fillets structure. Kristaps acknowledged that this equipment could make it considerably easier to cook, for example, at banquets where the meat has to be dressed alone, and it would taste as fresh as removed from the skillet rather than being re-heated. The chef has praised the equipment for making it easier to work and allowing it to save time.

For the main dish, Artūrs Trinkuns took over, with the help of the Control Freak induction stove, preparing deer schnitzel with a scalp-honey purée and Bernesse sauce. Artūrs experimented with the induction cooker most and acknowledged it had initially been difficult to fully trust it and not interfere in the cooking process. The induction cooker is specific by the fact that it has cooking temperatures ranging from 30 ° to 250 ° C and has a remote-controlled thermometer allowing precise control of the fluid temperature. He laughed and said he had cooked carefully at first, still stirring it, for he had not believed it would not be brought to the bottom of the pot, but with each time he gained more trust, and now he is sure he can even not stand besides the stove, and everything will still work out. In the circulator, Arthur cooked vegetables, preserving their color, texture, and full-taste properties, while the guilt of the creamy sauce laid on the induction cooker.
Valters Zirdziņš concluded the seminar by demonstrating his skills with the smoker and its uses. Valters has been working with the smokers previously, but he honestly acknowledged that for the first time he has held such a good device in his own hands and fully agrees that it is worth investing in quality, which is also justified by his own experience. It is not so easy to get the taste and aroma of smoke, it is usually a very time-consuming process, but even products that you have previously doubted, such as broth, cream, and butter, are achieved by this smother. In the desert, Valters pleasured the audience with curd pancakes together with apples and smoked-caramel ice cream. The intrigued dinner guests welcomed the ice cream, which had a pronounced presence of smoke without suppressing the sweetness of caramel.

When the chefs demonstrated their skills with equipment, invited audience expressed their views with their votes: who had made meal the best and who had used equipment the best. Audience vote showed that it was Kristaps Sīlis food that was the most liked, so he received the Smoking Gun Pro prize. The chef acknowledged that he will now be able to focus on experiments more with the use of a smoker; the chef particularly wants to use it, by getting the flavors and aromas of smoke in more liquid products such as broths, creams, sauces.

Thank you to everyone, who participated and see you at the next Lend to Learn chef lunch on March 8. Apply by e-mailing: [email protected]