Introduction to Canadian Flavours – seminar for new discoveries

On 3 September, at 11:00 a.m. in cooperation with the Embassy of Canada at the Gemoss Seminar Room, a masterclass will take place in which Michael Jiro Holman and Hannah Noelle Hintlian will showcase the typical flavours and approaches to the cooking of Canadian cuisine. During the masterclass those interested will be able to learn about the traditional cuisine on the other side of the ocean, as well as taste wines from Canada that match these dishes, presented by Artūrs Bušs – wine enthusiast, sommelier and Manager at Restaurant Tinto for 10 years. The seminar is free of charge and is intended for professionals.

Michael Jiro Holman

Michael Jiro Holman is a Canadian Chef, who has been used to cooking using local produce since childhood, also including produce from his own garden. He has continued his career at various restaurants, including the sushi restaurant “White Rock”. He has invested his acquired experience and his vision of restaurant management in his business by opening the restaurant “Smyh” in Chicago, which has received two Michelin stars. Restaurants of such class have high standards, and it was important for Michael to create this place, so that everyone could feel good visiting the restaurant, while at the same time preserving his childhood values of using local produce. Michael is currently working at the Pohjala Brewery in Estonia, where he has established a successful Tap Room.

Hannah Noelle Hintlian

Hannah has been baking cakes with her father since early childhood, and her childhood hobby has become her professional passion. Hannah has gained a prestigious culinary education, as well as has accumulated rich work experience in high class restaurants both in North America and in Europe. Currently she is working as a Chef-Confectioner at Pohjala Brewery Tap Room


  • Rye-Smoked Meat in Montreal Style
  • Hot Smoked Salmon Glazed in Maple Syrup
  • Maple Syrup Biscuit Sandwiches
  • Wild Rice Dessert

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