Jura – coffee machines adjusted to all requirements

Innovation, precision, quality, reliability, sustainability and services – these are the words expressing the essence of JURA. The Swiss company is the only brand in the world that specialises in the production of premium quality speciality coffee machines, and has convincingly established its place as the leading specialist in this market. The coffee prepared with JURA coffee machines stands out with its great taste, and the machines are easy to use and have a unique design.

Gemoss range is supplemented by equipment produced by Jura, offering customers quality coffee machines for both professional and home use.

Engineering work

The sustainability and quality of the coffee machines have been promoted by careful engineering. The goal of Jura coffee machine producers has always been the most delicious coffee, always freshly ground and brewed at the touch of a single button.
JURA coffee machines are easy and intuitive to use. JURA design combines expressive, clear lines with high-quality materials, applying only the highest production accuracy and quality workmanship. For years the company has focused on environmental issues and the responsible use of resources and energy.

Coffee machines for all situations

Professional machines. Whether it is in the office, shop, bar, hotel, beauty salon or elsewhere, professional coffee machines will serve the customers, guests or staff perfectly, offering coffee of impeccable taste. In addition, these products stand out due to their excellent value for money.

Products for the home. The unique design of the coffee machines fits perfectly into any interior; they are incredibly easy to use and prepare the best coffee every day.

The assortment of Jura coffee machines is displayed and available for viewing at Gemoss (73 Mūkusalas Street). More detailed information about the machines is available from the consultants of Gemoss Coffee Studio or by calling +371 28654000.