Black beans complement Just Nature assortment

Legumes are great products to diversify your food menu, which is why Just Nature product line is complemented by a new product – black beans. Without legumes, food menu cannot exist, as they contain all the necessary protein and fiber, and black beans are no exception. This product can diversify the usual meals, help create new recipes and expand taste horizons. Because of the black color, beans give food a more interesting design, no wonder they are being used in a variety of salads, but they also have a place in tex-mex dishes, stews and soups. The vegetarian menu can be supplemented by making burgers from the black beans, including pate and scones; the product will justify itself both visually and in terms of taste. In the kitchen of the world, black beans are considered equal to a variety of sweet dishes, such as brownies, puddings and smoothies.

Black bean cooking process does not differ from any other bean making process –beans have to be soaked and boiled afterwards. For more defined taste of intended meal, consider adding a strand of salt. After boiling, the black beans retain the intensely dark tone and shape, so they will look pretty in a variety of snacks, too. Discover salad recipe containing black beans and soy cheese here.

Just Nature products can be purchased at Gemoss store-warehouse or by directly ordering from Gemoss sales representatives.