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Nature has always filled the human soul with joy, new energy and a sense of peace, which is very much needed in the fast-paced life of today. Just Nature brand has been created thinking and caring for health. It is a tailor-made product line that provides the body with the cereal and legume products it requires. The assortment of Just Nature includes grain and legumes full of natural energy: Turkish peas, bulgur, lentils, quinoa, couscous, pearl barley, pearl couscous, black beans, green buckwheat, as well as a newcomer to the grain assortment – sorghum – and others.

Both well-known products, and those from the range that are not as familiar, will open up a new world of flavours for everyone. Carefully selected cereals and legumes provide valuable nutrients and enrich the meal with interesting flavours. Turkish peas can serve as a base for humus, but they will also be a valuable addition to any soup or stew. Bulgur, couscous and quinoa will surprise you by adding variety to main dishes of meat, fish or vegetables.

A newcomer in the cereal field sorghum is a great product for those who cannot use gluten-containing products. Thanks to their loose consistency, these cereals are very suitable for a variety of salads, for stuffing vegetables and as garnishes for soups, but they will also work well in various stews, risottos, scones and even porridges. Read more about sorghum and its uses here.

Legumes are great products for diversifying the menu, therefore the Just Nature product line also includes black beans. The colour of the beans adds a more interesting presentation to the dishes. Not only are they used in a variety of salads, they are also great in tex-mex dishes, stews and soups. Here you will find an easy recipe for a sophisticated meal with black beans.

Many have heard a lot about quinoa, but only a few have dared to try it, and they are missing out! Quinoa can be prepared within a few minutes, it has a nutty taste and a pleasant texture. Follow the instructions here and prepare a refreshing salad using the abovementioned cereals.

Peeled barley, known to Latvians, is available in the assortment of Just Nature as pearl barley – round, white, beautiful pearls that can be used to diversify meals without losing the satiety they provide. Lentils are also an underestimated product for everyday meals. They are perfect for chowders, stews and salads – everyone should simply try them.

Discover the Just Nature product line and strengthen yourself with the best that nature can offer!

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