Leader No. 1 worldwide – Vitamix blenders and their benefits

A quality blender is a necessity in every professional kitchen. Perfectly blended fruit, cocktails, soups, nut butter or humus – the same result cannot always be reached with the same blender, but with the Vitamix blender everything is possible. Vitamix blenders, manufactured in the US since 1939, have earnt recognition from the best chefs in the world and have won numerous awards and prizes.

Why Vitamix?

Vitamix devices are produced with the user in mind – the blender makes work in the kitchen easier and boosts the pleasure of the cooking experience. Whether it is used in a household or a professional kitchen, even the most daring experiments will be successful with Vitamix. Each part of the blender is carefully checked to ensure that the end result meets the highest quality standards. And the production of the blenders involves extremely careful manual work using top quality materials.

  • The Vitamix blender mug is designed with a well-considered curve and with precise angles for the products to reach the blades and to be crushed into a homogeneous mass.
  • The stainless steel blades help handle a wide range of products – from soft to very hard, so despite the mix, the quality of the end result is consistent.
  • Vitamix blenders are equipped with a metal drive system that connects the motor to the jug and promotes a smoother blend and longer service life of the device itself.
  • Regardless of the degree of difficulty, the motor retains its steady power, so the device does not heat up and does not change the speed of blending under any conditions.
  • For several decades the engineers of Vitamix have been working to keep the blender engine and motor cool, and to provide proper functioning of the device for many years.
  • Vitamix products have 3 years of warranty.

Easy use and care

The blenders provide a variety of shredding modes by adjusting the blade cutting to specific products, therefore it is even easier to obtain the required consistency – it can be a smoothie, a puree, a frozen dessert or a hot soup. Vitamix blenders are so smart, that they control the grinding process themselves and adjust the blade speed, while using the timer it is possible to control the duration of blending and prevent excessive shredding. The blenders are equipped with special pushers that help direct the products to the blades to obtain a homogeneous mass, for example, when preparing nut butter.

Vitamix blenders are also equipped with a self-cleaning programme, which only requires pouring warm water into the cup and a few drops of dishwashing liquid or soap. The device will clean all narrow gaps and the blades within a minute. No disassembly of the blender is required to wash it!

Easy use, convenient care and always a perfect result! Vitamix – the best choice for quality work in the kitchen.

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