Learn to pass on knowledge – conversation with Alexandre Bourdeaux

Confectionery is definitely one of the areas, where you can learn every day, and it is also preached by chef-confectioner, consultant, technologist and the creator of international recipes Alexandre Bourdeaux, who will be visiting the Gemoss Seminar Hall from 24 to 26 September.

Alexandre has proven his talent in countless competitions and prestigious job positions, but the master is not keeping his skills and knowledge a secret, he is happy to pass them on to others. Before meeting with the grand master of confectionery in person, a small conversation with Alexandre about confectionery.

How do you understand confectionery?
As I understand it confectionery is creativity, precision and a way to promote well-being.

What is your philosophy, when working in a confectionery shop?
It is very important for me to understand, what I do and why I combine certain ingredients. If I know the best compatibility options of the components, the result will be flawless.

What are the confectionery trends this year?
At a time when people are returning to everything that is natural and pure, confectionery products will as well. Artificial dyes are and will be increasingly replaced by natural ones. The use of various artificial products will also be replaced by natural raw materials. I also recommend working with pure products!

What are your views on healthy sugar-free desserts?
I think that dessert is a treat to be enjoyed, so it is better to eat a real dessert, using no alternatives, but to do it rarely, and to exercise more often.

How would you describe your confectionery style?
Simple, delicious and definitely repeatable.

At the end of the interview Alexandre encourages Latvian confectioners to use his recipes and ideas that will be demonstrated at the seminar, but to complement them with Latvian flavours. “And remember to think of the taste first, not what the result will look like on Instagram!”

Apply for the-three-day seminar, where Alexandre will talk about and demonstrate his knowledge in confectionery here.