Let’s live green – nature-friendly disposable tableware

At a time when more and more people and organisations are thinking about how to live as environmentally friendly as possible, customised disposable tableware has come under the spotlight. Gemoss invites you to be nature friendly by offering a wide range of ecological disposable tableware. Although the use of disposable tableware is part of what ends up in the waste, the representatives of the catering field could find it worth looking into the topic.

It is no longer just a fashion trend to think about environmentally friendly solutions. In 2021 a number of disposable plastic products, such as disposable plastic containers, cocktail straws, cotton buds and balloon sticks will be banned. The reduction targets will apply to disposable plastic containers for food and beverages: hamburger packaging, sandwich boxes, and containers for the serving of desserts and snacks. The Directive also aims to reduce the consumption of various other plastic products and to promote their recycling. Such restrictions significantly affect the daily work of the catering industry, thus alternatives and solutions need to be considered well in advance.

Where there is food – there is waste

“Latvijas Zaļais punkts” has a positive outlook on these changes, as the use of disposable tableware generates a large volume of waste, and in most cases this tableware is not suitable for recycling and therefore ends up in landfill. Worldwide this subject is very topical at various mass events, where serving food and beverages without disposable tableware is impossible. It is estimated that an average of 6 million tonnes of disposable tableware is landfilled worldwide every year. “For example, our neighbouring Estonians in Tallinn have already refused to use disposable tableware at festivals. Initiatives are also implemented in Latvia to reduce waste at public events and to start the fight against plastic glasses, which make up the bulk of waste at festivals and other large public events,” says Kaspars Zakulis, Director of AS “Latvijas Zaļais punkts”.

The use of disposable tableware is not only topical at mass events. Daily take-away and delivered meals are popular, and disposable tableware is an integral part of such meals. In these situations, we can evaluate the need for all plastic packaging and consider the possible alternatives.

Gemoss invites you to think green

Ieva Treija, CEO of the company “Gemoss” says that in recent years there has been a significant increase in the interest on eco-friendly disposable tableware, proving that people really care about the environment we live in. “Instead of buying plastic straws that remain in nature for a long time, bartenders prefer paper straws, while at banquets and larger events increasingly more bamboo, wood, palm leaf and paper dishes are being used to serve snacks. This EU initiative – to avoid nature pollution – is also supported by Gemoss. For this exact reason, in the future we are also planning to pack some of our products in more environmentally friendly packaging and to expand our offer with an even more diverse range of disposable tableware and alternatives such as wheat straws and potato starch straws.”

Alternatives to disposable tableware

Bamboo, wood, paper, starch, cane fibres – these are all materials used in the production of environmentally friendly tableware. They are compostable and decompose in the environment, leaving no residue, without harming the environment. Did you know that tableware made of ordinary plastic doesn’t decompose for about 100 years? Latvijas Zaļais punkts invites you to think not only about the alternatives to plastics, but also about how to reduce waste in general. Only 58% of the residents in Latvia are concerned about the packaging they buy their items in and whether it is recyclable or will be landfilled. This is why the initiative “Zaļi pakots” (Greenly packaged) has been launched to raise awareness among businesses and also the public on how to reduce packaging consumption and choose packaging that is recyclable rather than landfilled.

It is common to see paper cups for hot beverages, but now manufacturers also offer bowls, cans, glasses and other dishes that are produced choosing eco-friendly solutions. Stylised wooden or paper cones and trays for snacks, bio plastic cutlery, paper bags, plates of various shapes and other interesting solutions. And for food wrapping, like sandwiches, hot dogs and other dishes, ecological wrapping paper will come in handy. When serving cocktails, you can also think of more nature friendly solutions, using paper or metal straws. Tableware of such a concept is suitable for various outdoor activities, picnics, as well as at catering facilities that require dishes for take-away foods. The good news is that manufacturers also pay special attention to what bio disposable tableware looks like. The colour, material, design – also the disposable dishes can be tasteful and food or drinks will still look appetising in them.

Check out the extensive range of disposable tableware offered by Gemoss here.