Make each coffee unique – Monin syrups and dressings for taste diversity

Coffee lovers can now achieve new taste horizons by using Monin syrups – completely changing the taste and extends coffee taste horizon to new level. It’s not only for use for coffee caramelchocolate and nuts, different variety of syrups will transform the traditional coffee into a taste journey. Monin gourmet sauces can be used in hot drink making process, transferring the drink into dessert and making it more enjoyable.

From classics to exotics

It is quite often to enrich coffee taste with vanilla, caramel, hazelnut or chocolate syrup, however, if you would like to step out of your comfort zone, you must try new unexperienced taste. The variety of syrups and sauces is so extensive that a different coffee drink could be created every day.

Sweet taste lovers will value white chocolatecoconutapple piecinnamontiramisubrowniedonutpopcornsalty caramel and other syrups. For more defined taste of coffee you may use espresso syrup, which is great for cold coffee drinks. Rarely one would imagine, that chestnut syrup could be added to coffee beverage, however one who has tried it, will be able to confirm, that the mix of flavors is unforgettable and certainly worth repeating. A taste you should defiantly try is frozen – espresso or black coffee with a tiny amount of peppermint syrup will make the beverage uplifting.  Refreshing taste lovers can try out Mohito syrup – it will completely transform the taste of both cold and hot coffee beverages. The Italian mood can be obtained by supplementing the cold coffee drink with the following: pistachio syrup.  In the world of coffee drinks, elderflower syrup, known to our taste buds, will be suitable for both cold and hot coffee beverages.

It is a mistake to think that fruit-flavored syrups have no place in coffee beverages– especially in the preparation of cold beverages, they fit right in, from sour cherries, cucumbers, basilica to peach, Mandarin and raspberry syrups. In the summer season, espresso, ice and milk, can be expressed by adding syrups.  Any berry or fruit syrup will surprise your taste buds. Bitter berry and fruit syrups can be used in any cold beverages, however in hot beverages you must pour it in slowly, so that with hot milk it does not flower up

Monin sauces in coffee drinks

Interesting supplement to coffee is foamed milk, which allows to present and give the beverage a new image and creating new tastes. Airy milk foam with chocolate or caramel desert sauce will be a delicacy. The consistency of the sauce is very grateful to make drawings in the foam, but it is equally good to mix the sauce with foamed up milk and give it a taste.

In the hot season of the year, cold drinks are preferred, so various syrups, sauces and mashes help to keep supply of drinks interesting. This year variety of sparkling coffee drinks will become particularly popular, based on espresso, some carbonated beverage, such as a tonic, water or sweeter lemonade and syrup for diversity of flavors. From exotics to classics – the range of sparkling coffee drinks Monin is endless, same as with coffee drinks.

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