Monin Cup Latvia 2018 winner is Aldis Glodenis (+photo)

On 6 June 2018, during the festival Meet & Greet, as is tradition, the cocktail competition Monin Cup Latvia 2018 took place. The main task of the competition was to popularise the bartender profession and create new and original cocktail recipes. This year, due to Monin’s international finale rules, only bartenders who have not reached the age of 27 could participate in the competition.

13 bartenders from bars such as Cloud Nine, Olympic Casino, Oma Brilliant Room, Violet, RockCafe, Friends Club, COD Robata Grill Bar, Kreklu krogs and Grand Hotel Kempinski participated in the competition. The theme of this year’s competition was Latvian culture combined with a local product, and one of these products had to be included in the composition and presentation of the cocktail. The bartenders were well-prepared, because the cocktails were diverse, interesting and made the demanding judges’ task to determine the winner more difficult.

The competition’s judges were Giles Pickles (Monin export director), Eddie Rudzinskas (the author of a blog Cocktails For You) and Ansis Ancovs (William Grant & Sons Whiskey Ambassador to the Baltics). The host of the competition this year was Ivars Rutkovskis (Martanti).

Monin Cup Latvija 2018 results:

3rd place Elīna Bluķe- RockCafe

2nd place Alvis Cimža- “Olympic Casino” Jelgava

1st place Aldis Glodenis – Cloud Nine. Aldis will represent Latvia at the Monin Cup Final in Paris in December.

Each cocktail competition is a celebration and Monin Cup Latvia 2018 is proof that everyone who participated in this competition enjoyed this day as a celebration that needs to be commemorated in the best way possible.

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