New Dimension Meals with Smoking Gun Pro

Smoke aroma, special taste and scent allow you to wake your sense in a completely different dimension, that is why chefs are looking for different ways to give food these qualities. Previously, it could only be achieved by smoking products for hours, but now it is easier than ever with Smoking Gun Pro.

Time is money, especially for chiefs in their busy daily schedules, thus you have to think about saving time and making things easier in the kitchen without losing quality. The American PolyScience company is one of the strongest market leaders in culinary technology, and we are proud that we have been given the opportunity to introduce it to you by becoming the official distributor of this company in Latvia and Estonia. One of the company’s products is Smoking Gun Pro, which makes it very comfortable and quick to smoke food, regardless of whether it is grilled ribs, sturgeon made in slow-German pot, or even broth! Smoke taste and smell given by this equipment can be obtained for any product. Of course, it can also be used to serve food and drink, allowing smokiness to swing gently in a glass or above a plate.

Smoking Gun Pro is very comfortable to use, as it is pleasantly embedded in the hand. It releases cold smoke and in result of this, the device does not heat up and is pleasant to work with, additionally the desired effect can be achieved in short time. Smoking Gun Pro has a very high power output, which allows it to give any food smoked taste and is acknowledged by Latvian Chefs – Valters Zirdziņš un Kristaps Sīlis. Smoking Gun Pro assembly is made of high quality metal, which does not heat up, smoking intensity can be easily adjusted with a button and it is equipped with comfortable handle.

Smoking GunPro from PolyScience and other equipment from this brand can be purchased from Gemoss Technical Department (+371 22018682 Mikus Ābele, Head of Technical Department) or by ordering at Gemoss sales representatives.