Our Brands

Every year we create new brands, so our client everyday life becomes more healthy and energetic. Our goal is to see, hear and feel our customer preferences,offering them goods in the highest quality with a creative approach. Responsible attitude towards our customers and nature is a value why our brands are created with love and respect to the nature and all that lives around us.

Zelta Rieksts

The design of our brand “Golden Nut” or “Zelta Rieksts” reminds of its ancient traditions. The string of dried fruits and nuts embedded in the design is a historical testimony of the first manufactured package that was produced in 1996. “Zelta Rieksts” has expanded its product line and created brands such as MINI, Dienas Deva and BIO Zelta Rieksts.

Zelta Rieksts products have been authorised for use by the European Union (EU) Standard Quality Weight Label “e”, which means that the company’s packaging equipment works excellent and meets the necessary standards and requirements of the product weight in each product package.

BIO Zelta Rieksts

Bio Zelta Rieksts products have grown in biologically certified farms and have been carefully selected according to the highest quality standards. These nuts have grown in an ecologically clean environment, leisurely. Matured in natural rhythms. Have gained solar power and ground energy. Bio Zelta Rieksts is a rich everyday source of energy with minerals and vitamins. With this product everyone will take on the power and energy of nature.

Bio Zelta Rieksts assortment includes cashew nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, dates and apricots, available in both 100 g and 300 g package.

MINI Zelta Rieksts

The “Mini” sachet is specially designed for school aged children. The ingredients and pack weight was carefully chosen following dietitian advises.

In each sachet you will find specially selected nuts and berries rich in vitamins and minerals, which will give you energy throughout the day!

Dienas Deva

Thinking of people who follows active and healthy lifestyle, Gemoss has created a new product line for Latvia’s market “Daily Dose”: for immunity, harmony, intelligence and energy.

Only 40 grams of specially selected nuts, seeds and dried fruits can help prevent lack of the substances and vitamins in your body. From nut blends found on store shelves, “Dienas Deva” differentiates by compact size and specially selected ingredients.

Gemo Spice

An integral part of Gemoss assortment are spices which stand for the brand- Gemo Spice.

In cooperation with a competent and reliable partner – the spice mill in Germany, Gemo Spice offers over 80 types of spices, herbs, spices and herb mixtures.

Gemo Food

Gemo Food is Gemoss created and owned private label which offers a wide assortment of canned goods. Gemo Food products are carefully selected, while paying close attention to the place of origin and the manufacturer.

Products are delivered from around the world with careful follow up on the product production. They are strictly tested according to the high standards developed by Gemoss Quality Department.

Gemo Fruits

Gemo Fruits is Gemoss created and owned private label with a wide assortment of canned fruits. The products of Gemo Fruits are carefully selected while paying close attention to the place of origin and the manufacturer.

Products are delivered from around the world with careful follow up on the products.They are strictly tested according to the high standards developed by Gemoss Quality Department.

Just Nature

Nature has always filled the human soul with joy,new energy power and a sense of peace, which is needed for today’s fast rhythm of life.

With believe and care for health, we have created a new brand “Just Nature”, a specially developed product line that offers to our body the essential products of cereals and legumes: Turkish peas, bulgur, red lentils, split lentils, three quinoa blends, red quinoa, white quinoa, black quinoa, pearl groves, pearl couscous.

Viens Piens

VIENS PIENS is a natural cow’s milk with a fat content of 3.2%, which is heated to 135 ° C high temperature for 2 seconds and is rapidly cooled. This treatment method is called UHT (ultra high temperature). VIENS PIENS is chosen in cooperation with the best barista of Latvia for great coffee beverage making.

VIENS PIENS does not contain fluffy additives or preservatives, it is a delight and contains the essential vitamins A, C, D, E, B, as well as a full range of protein, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and is the source of iron.

Cake n Bake

Each nuance has a role to play, therefore, Gemoss has created the brand name “Cake & Bake” to give the desserts a true character. These are products that provide variety and offer new solutions for dessert decoration. The product range offers high-quality freeze dried fruit and berry decorations, different size and color sugar pearls as well as decorations made of zephyr and waffle crisps. With “Cake & Bake” your desserts will be expressive, colorful and personalised.

Chocolate it


When components harmoniously connects, a true taste is created. Chocolate it hides the perfect synergy of taste, consisting of carefully selected top-quality nuts, dried and sublimated fruits, coffee beans roasted in Latvia and excellent Belgian chocolate.