Refreshing Spritz cocktail recipes for summer

The summer season cannot be imagined without refreshing cocktails! In order not to bore the taste buds, we invite the bartenders to refresh drink menus with cocktails, which will appeal to fans of both classics and experimenting.  At the beginning of the cocktail season, we offer the possibility to include an orange Spritz cocktail in your cocktail menu, a basic component Monin orange spritz syrup which is a distinguished companion for the preparation of sparkling drinks. By using Monin orange spritz syrup you can create a refreshing Orange spritz cocktail, besides it will greatly fit in ice teas, fizz cocktails, wine containing drinks, beer and even coffee – variations are endless!

Orange Spritz cocktail 

2/3 of Glass is filled with ice cubes, pour in syrup, prosecco and sparkling water Mix up and decorate with orange slice.

Non-alcoholic Orange Spritz

2/3 of Glass is filled with ice cubes, pour in both syrups and sparkling water. Mix up and decorate with orange slice and peppermint leaves. Refreshing, juicy, sweet and sour balance – an ideal summer lemonade!

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