One of the key factors for serving, sampling and enjoying a good wine is the perfect glass. Only the right glass will lift your drink at the higher level, allowing you to fully enjoy all its hidden nuances, feel the true flavor and taste. Like in any other field, also in the production of crystal glasses, time does not stand still, technology evolves, resulting in ever-new and good quality products being created.

We carefully select our cooperation partners and we are proud to offer our customers the latest and best products. SCHOTT ZWIESEL is one of the leaders in the market of crystal glass manufacturers, which delights buyers in more than 120 countries. The manufacturer, in collaboration with high-end professionals, sommeliers and wine makers, has created a modern, so far unheard crystal glass line SENSA- 5 different shapes of glass, each designed to fit and highlight a specific wine aroma. Each wine type you serve, the shape of a glass will perfectly match its flavor and texture.

SENSA Light & Fresh is suitable for, for example, fresh Riesling wine.

SENSA Velvet & Sumptous, which will fit, for example, Merlot and Grenache wines.

SENSA Flavourisme & Spicy, appropriate for example Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz wines.

SENSA Fruity & Delicate, for example, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling wines.

The fifth SENSA series glass is perfectly suited for sparkling wines and champagne.

Especially thin and filigree crystal glasses are made from strong and shock resistant material, created by combining the latest technology and more environmentally friendly methods and materials.

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