Seasonal topicality: Caramel-Hazelnut and Apple Pie

The end of summer is a time when we can still catch the last sun rays and enjoy the taste of summer. The first apple harvest at a pastry shop is a highly anticipated event, as this fruit evokes sentimental memories of childhood for many. We offer you a proven recipe by Spanish Chocolate Master Hans Ovando for preparing an exquisite caramel-hazelnut-apple pie. Nutty dough base, creamy filling, juicy apples, topped with crunchy crumbs. A real treat in the summer apple season!

Caramelised apples

550 g Golden apples
330 ml double cream
220 g sugar
1 vanilla pod

Vanilla “sablée”

115 g flour (1)
160 g icing sugar
4 g salt
55 g almond flour
255 g butter
76 g eggs
330 g flour (2)
1/2 g vanilla

Vanilla biscuit

360 g icing sugar
290 g eggs
160 ml double cream 35%
440 g flour
260 g butter
2 g salt
8 g baking powder
2 vanilla pods


500 g water
150 g sugar
80 ml rum (7 years)
4 vanilla pods without seeds
2 ml vanilla extract

Hazelnut “streusel”

30 g almond flour
60 g roasted hazelnut flour
50 g brown sugar
50 g sugar
100 g butter (cold)
100 g flour
100 g chopped hazelnuts

Soft salty caramel

190 g sugar
10 g glucose
200 ml double cream 35%
145 g butter
1 vanilla pod
2 g salt
4 g gelatine 220 bloom

Caramelised apples. Peel the apples and cut them into pieces. Bring the heavy cream to the boil with the vanilla and set aside. Make caramel from the sugar, add hot heavy cream. Prepare the apples “al dente” in the caramel.

Vanilla “sablée”. Mix the flour (1), icing sugar, salt, vanilla and almond flour with butter. After that add the eggs and flour (2) gradually. Roll out the dough to 3 mm thick and leave in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Place into moulds and bake for 6 min. at 150 °C.

Vanilla biscuit. Mix the sugar, butter and vanilla. Add the eggs gradually. Then add the flour sifted together with the salt and baking powder. At the end add the double cream and mix.

Syrup. Boil the water, sugar, vanilla pods and vanilla extract. Set aside to cool. Add the rum, stir and soak into the hot cake.

Hazelnut “streusel”. Mix all the ingredients until a sandy texture forms and cool the mass in the refrigerator. Bake for 12 min. at 150 °C. Store in an airtight container.

Soft salty caramel. Boil the double cream together with the glucose and vanilla, add the soaked gelatine and let it infuse for 10 minutes. Make caramel from the sugar and slowly add hot heavy cream. Mix everything. Cool to 40 °C. Add the butter, blend together and add salt.

Fill 1/3 of the baked “tartelettes” with vanilla biscuit, layer it with caramelised apples and fill it with the remaining dough. Bake for 25 min. at 165 °C. Set aside to cool. Cover the cake with a thin layer of soft salty caramel and sprinkle with “streusel”. Sprinkle with icing sugar and garnish with mini apples and edible gold pieces.


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