Sinless sweetness – jam with stevia

Pancakes, waffles, freshly toasted bread or biscuit roulette are incomplete without a spoonful of jam. In order not to give up true values and popular flavors, Good Good has created a special treat – jam with stevia. The product provides the desired dose of sweetness without the exaggerated amount of sugar. Jam with stevia is a delicious treat for breakfast, festive meals or moments, when you crave something sweet.

Usually jams, jellies and other similar products are associated with a high level of sweetness, but this is not the case with these jams. Jam with stevia is light and pleasantly sweet and it does not suppress the natural taste of fruits or berries. Jams are made without sugar and artificial sweeteners.

These jams are a great discovery for Keto dieters, those who enjoy healthy nutrition, vegans and people with diabetes. Traditionally, a lot of sugar is added to make jam, but in this case stevia is a natural substitute for sugar, providing the right amount of sweetness. A natural product free of calories and artificial supplements. Jam that you can enjoy without thinking about your sugar intake!

Offer it to customers at the breakfast buffet, serve it with breakfast meals, top croissants with it, add to porridge, waffles, pancakes, roulettes and cakes.

The assortment includes stevia jams of four flavours – apricot, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.

Good Good jams with stevia are available in Gemoss sales points or can be ordered at the sales agents.