SOSA – the foundation of modern gastronomy

In 1967, the Spanish family SOSA decided to start a small family business selling cooked artisan biscuits and traditional Catalan Christmas sweets. Three years later, in 1970, the SOSA family offered products and raw materials specially developed for the production of ice creams, which turned into an exclusive product line within 10 years and ranked among the largest ice cream producers across Europe.

Today SOSA is located in Catalonia, in the suburbs of Moia, and is one of the largest and most modern raw material manufacturers for confectionery, gastronomy and molecular cuisine in Europe. SOSA’s products and raw materials form the basis of modern cuisine in more than 50 countries worldwide. The production of these products has not been industrial for a long time; it is science. Doctors in Biology and Molecular Sciences take part in their development and use the most advanced equipment possible.

The successful collaboration of Gemoss with SOSA brings together similar core values ​​- family and respect for food. We are pleased to offer our customers only the best of SOSA – texturisers, thickeners, emulsions, natural colours, natural flavours, flavours, flowers, herbs, etc.

You can buy SOSA products at Gemoss specialised stores in Riga and Liepaja or by ordering from Gemoss sales representatives.