Start your day with morning coffee at the Gemoss pop-up store

Have no time or opportunities to make creamy cappuccino or a refreshing iced latte in the mornings of your working days? Head to Gemoss pop-up store, where from 8:00 a.m. already, the barista will prepare a fresh coffee drink for every taste.

Freshly roasted high-quality coffee “Andrito” is delivered to the store every week. If you cannot imagine the beginning of the day without good quality coffee, head to the pop-up store for an energy boost! Coffee can be enjoyed on the spot, in the cosy coffee corner, as well as in the cups for take-away. In the summer season the offer also includes iced latte and refreshing lemonades with the excellent Monin flavours. Delicious coffee drinks, including cold coffee and lemonades can also be enjoyed at Gemoss Cafe at 73 Mūkusalas Street.

From spring this year Gemoss pop-up store at 111 Brīvības Street delights the residents of the city centre with a wide range of goods for the bar, restaurant and hotel industry. The store also offers a wide range of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Find out more about the assortment of the store here.