Step by step recipe – Blueberry Mirror Glaze

Mirror glaze gives desserts an elegant and tasteful design that doesn’t require a lot more decorating. Following the instructions of Gemoss Chef-Confectioner Diāna Ozoliņa, on how to prepare it step by step, you will acquire a great result for decorating your summer desserts.


150 g blueberry puree La Fruitiere
300 g sugar
300 g glucose syrup
170 g condensed milk
300 g white chocolate 28% Belcolade
22 g gelatine powder 200 Bloom
125 g cold water
150 g neutral glaze SOSA
+ colouring as needed, for example, this one

1. In a saucepan, heat the puree, glucose and sugar to a temperature of 103 °C.
2. Bloom the gelatine in 125 g of cold water.

3. Pour all the ingredients into a measuring cup and add the heated syrup (103 ºC).

4. Allow the chocolate and neutral glaze to sit for a while and then blend everything with a hand blender. Blend until the mass is homogeneous and free of air bubbles.

5. Place the finished glaze in the refrigerator (4 ºC) for 24 hours.
6. Before use, melt the glaze in a microwave or water bath and blend again. Mirror glaze is used at a temperature of 35 ºC to 40 ºC for decorating prepared desserts or cakes.

This mirror glaze can also be used for this recipe, replacing the blueberry puree with red berry or some other delicious flavour. Let your imagination run wild! 


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