Refreshing lemonade recipes and its presentation

Before the beginning of hot season, it is worth that every café, restaurant or bar consider adding lemonade to their drink menu. Refreshment drinks allow for great taste variety. Any customer will greatly appreciate specially made lemonade, there are so many creative ways to present it. Lemonade will be a great alternative for those wanting a non-alcoholic beverage and those seeking new taste adventures or simply wanting to fight off thirst.

By using Monin mashes for lemonades you will add a vivid taste of berries or fruit, whereas using syrups will not only let you achieve expressive taste, but color as well. By combing mash with syrup, you will achieve taste of perfection, only to finish it off with beautiful presentation. Supplement the beverage with slices of fruit, berries, fresh greens, decorated with  dried berry drums or flowers. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let the most daring ideas become reality – it is now in fashion to indulge in creativity!


Lemonades are in high demand during hot season, especially at events, so it is worth thinking about other drinks than water and hot drinks in thermos, a variety of lemonade flavors can also be served. It is convenient to create and serve drinks in different volume drink containers, so anyone can pour the amount of drink they require. You can use containers with faucet, which can easily be opened or closed, each container can be supplemented with name of drink it contains. You can create such drink self-service zones at banquets, weddings, bars, branches and presentations. You can create lemonades poured in small juice jars with lids and straws.


At Gemoss shops you will not only find all you need to make lemonades, but also products to serve them. Austere, with carvings, large and small –Lemonade glasses available in many different varieties, as well as bar accessories for mixing of drinks.