Taste of summer in every season – La Fruitiere novelty

Real natural flavors never disappoint, and La Fruitiere fruit and berry mash have won approval worldwide, because of their quality. A new product has been added to many of already well-known assortments: –red berry mash , containing fresh, specially processed berries, so reminiscent of summer Thanks to a special treatment technique – high-pressure pasteurization – , mash has preserved the smell and taste of berries and it has a very grateful consistency. Coloring agents, flavorings, preservatives, GMOs and lactose have not been used in the production of the product.

The product has an easy-to-use packaging, making it easy to use and store. La Fruitiere mashes, including this new product, do not need additional treatment – they are ready for use. Red berry mash has been designed to be used in confectionery – sweet berries for glazes, jellies, mussels and fillings will cause an taste explosion. Mash can be used as desert garnish, candy filler, addition to cocktails or lemonade. Also, in the beautiful confectionery shepherd, red berry mash has been used both as the decoration of the cake (glaze) and as the filling jelly between the airy mussel and the crunchy base.

La Fruitiere can be purchased at Gemoss shops or by ordering them directly from Gemoss sales representatives.