Tasteful and high quality bar accessories for creating brilliant cocktails

The making process of cocktail is part of what impression it will give to receiver, so it is increasingly important to think about what accessories are used in cocktail preparation and, of course, also in  its serving, as well as drinks for aesthetic pleasures.

It is not possible to be only surprised by the taste – currently, people like to watch and assess how a drink is made, how the barman combines ingredients and presents the final result. One element of pleasure is also visual design, and cocktails have to be creatively and interestingly presented, only then will the taste convince. Speaking about drinks-serving trends in 2019, the assortment of glasses will surprise with bold designs. For example, wine glasses are currently being chosen without a stem, while cocktails glass that are chosen have thick glass walls with split or cut elements this year. Used material may not only be glass, but also metal and copper, thus presenting the usual drinks in a completely different design. For serving, straws can be made of metal, bamboo, and different colors of paper.

People like to watch, how professional hands make wonderful cocktails, and to relate, there is a need to follow up with trends in bar accessories market – there are no longer just shakers and bar spoons. Fine vaporizers designed to add bitters, circulators for mixing, smokers, metering glasses, strainers, geysers, siphons and other delicate gadgets that allow for serving cocktails at a new level. Stylized bar spoons, interesting-design cocktail mixers, shakers, etc., are not only making it easier to make a cocktail, but also aesthetically supplementing the bar’s range of accessories. As in the laboratory, elegant bottles of extracts can leave an impression, bottles with sprinklers and pipettes will allow cocktails to be served with the most delicate methods of preparation. In addition, all these accessories are so pretty in themselves that they do not deserve a place under the counter, but on the contrary, they must also be shown to the visitors to the bar.

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