Tea accessories for the season of hot drinks

Hot drinks are an integral part of the coldest season of the year, thus one of the most common choices in restaurants, cafés and bars, is a variety of teas. To make the process of enjoying tea special, it is also important to serve this drink properly and to think about the nuances that facilitate or make the tea drinking process more comfortable and enjoyable. Tea accessories not only make the very process of preparing the beverages easier and in the proper way, but also allow one to serve the beverages in the required quality.

Accessories for preparing tea

Serving tea is not limited to just water, tea and a kettle. As we all know, each tea requires a different water temperature to enjoy its full flavour and aroma, therefore an electric kettle with adjustable water heating temperature is useful for preparing high-quality tea. To prepare the tea in a more tasteful way, you can use a serving kettle, which allows the customers to replenish their cups themselves, when they prefer to. A kettle and a cup of tea with a saucer will create a more special mood for enjoying the warming drink. If thinking about the design and high-quality serving of drinks, the transparent glass teapots with infusers are appropriate. In Gemoss collections you will find kettles of different designs, sets, mugs and accessories for serving tea.

Tea accessories

Choosing the tea is an important part of serving it – when serving loose teas, you should consider the convenience of your customers. Loose tea is a very good choice, but it is often not that easy to serve. Tea strainers are very practical and convenient for this purpose – they can be adjusted to the size of the cup and the amount of tea. And tea strainers are available in various materials and types – metal, bamboo, chained or cup-mounted. They provide a convenient way for customers to prepare the tea of the desired strength themselves. In the dishes collection you will also find a variety of tea cups with customised strainers of united design. To hold the hot cup of tea in one’s hands without any worries, choose the double-walled cups that look interesting and also make enjoying tea easy.

Another convenient way of serving tea is using a tea filter, which helps to serve loose tea in such a way that the grounds do not disturb enjoyment of the drink. Tea filters in the Gemoss range are also available in a variety of sizes, dimensions and forms of serving, such as with sticks or strings. Mate tea requires specific equipment to serve it, therefore a special place is reserved for this drink on the tea equipment shelf both for the dishes and other essentials.

For storing loose tea, hermetically sealed containers are required, and for this purpose you can choose glass jars or containers of various designs that are easy to open and close.

Sweetness dose for the tea

There are people, who enjoy tea without any additives, but there are also those who enjoy it with sugar, honey and lemon. Tea and honey has always been a great union, therefore in the assortment you will find honey in packaging of different volumes. But for customers who prefer sugar, sugar crystals and portioned sugar is also available.

When preparing tea beverages, perhaps all that is missing is some flavour nuance, such as cinnamon, honey, pepper, ginger or something else. Monin syrups are great for this purpose, as they taste great in tea beverages. An integral classic is grenadine syrup, which is served with fruit tea, but bartenders should definitely experiment with other flavours as well to impress the taste buds of their customers, when serving tea beverages.

Tea for every taste

Also, the assortment of teas on Gemoss shelves is quite wide – starting from teas collected in Latvia and ending with real English tea or matcha. Choose tea bags or loose teas of various flavours and aromas, among which are favoured local manufacturers and also importers from all over the world providing products of proven quality.

All that is required for enjoying tea can be purchased at Gemoss sales locations or through sales agents.