Tea for every mood- Just T

Life is too exciting to enjoy only water! This is why Just T offers tea for any mood, taste and situation! Just T is a high quality tea that has been created for generations by tea lovers and connoisseurs.Black tea is obtained from the world’s best tea growing regions in India, Asia and Africa, where tea leaves are still harvested by hand and then carefully processed to preserve their delicate taste and smell.
Green tea is chosen more by women probably because they pay more attention to their health as green tea leaves are rich in bioflavonoids that strengthens the immune system. Tea feeds not only the body but also the soul.Aromatic black, green or white tea complemented with real pieces of fruit, buds and flowers that give the tea a natural taste.You want to enjoy fruit 5 times a day, but do not want to carry them around, then fruit tea might be an alternative as it is rich and sweet thanks to the real fruit juice concentrate. No artificial flavors and sugar substitutes.If caffeine is not for you, then herbal tea will be the right choice, a combination of different types and flavors. For some of them a real fruit juice concentrate is used, herbal tea is not only healthy, but also tasty.

Tea, coffee and all that is required for its preparation and presentation is available in Gemoss specialised stores or by ordering at Gemoss sales representatives. Contact us to get an offer.