Equipment service

  • Qualified and competent Gemoss equipment masters will assist you as well as advise and consult on various equipment related issues. We will help you to choose equipment that suits your needs and business essentials.

Design, equipment selection and installation

Are you planning to arrange a new bar or kitchen? We will help you to choose the equipment and facilities, according to the design task, space planning and the stated budget, as well as we will take care of delivery and installation of equipment in accordance with all safety regulations. If you have not planned your bar or kitchen layout yet, we can help you to prepare a customised design task for your needs, in accordance with all state laws, guidelines and regulations of the FVO.

Masters with experience

Modern equipment technician requires extensive knowledge of the various manufacturers and device characteristics to be able to quickly identify the problem and take an immediate action.For fast and efficient equipment service provision, all of our technicians are highly qualified and certified professionals with at least 10 years experience of working with both outdated and with the latest equipment from various manufacturers.

A full range of equipment services

To ensure the best possible customer service, we offer the service contract-based equipment maintenance services, that includes both our distributed technical service during the warranty period, as well as our or other distributors technical service post-warranty period. Equipment within the service we will provide both major on-site repairs and minor technical repairs in our workshop at Mukusalas Street 73. In cases where the reconstructed equipment is small and portable, we can provide temporary equipment to keep your company running without undue delay.

Equipment and spare parts without ordering

Thanks to our huge assortment and extensive warehouses Gemoss has become one of the largest cash and carry stores in Latvia. In our warehouses you will find the most of our bar and kitchen equipment, as well as a wide range of spare parts, which help us to provide prompt technical service to all major equipment.

Contact us

+371 25604991 Andris Zadovskis, techical department sales consultant

+371 25429952 Kaspars Rudmins, techical department sales consultant

+371 22018682 Mikus Ābele, technical department director

We provide high customer service and we will answer on all your enquiries.