The experience of using a coffee machine in a place, where thoughts are born

What would a coffee shop be like without coffee? Right? As the daily work of the Coffee Studio is to provide coffee services, we have made friends among many enterprising people, who care about their customers and their well-being. One such place is DOMA (The Thought) coffee shop in Sigulda, where two sisters – Anete and Diāna – have created a cosy atmosphere.

The hostesses of the coffee shop decided from the beginning that the most important aspect would be high-quality coffee. This is why Doma chose the services of the Coffee Studio, receiving the most appropriate coffee machine and service, so that the quality of each cup would be consistent every day. The Sanremo coffee machine does its job here every day to provide the highest quality for the volumes required for both making espresso and milk frothing. Diāna reveals that the coffee machine is very easy to use – just press the button, blow off the steam and the machine is ready for work in seconds. The devoted employees of Doma have even taken the time and concluded that a standard cappuccino can be prepared in an average of one minute and five seconds.

The baristas at Doma admit that the built-in timers are a big advantage of this machine – this feature promotes internal quality among the colleagues, because the machine is positioned so that customers only see it from behind and the time of preparing is only seen by the employees. By the way, the back of the coffee machine, or the side visible to customers, is used to display the magnets and stickers they receive from all over the world – so the coffee machine also serves as a design element in the interior of the coffee shop.

A reliable machine for high volumes

Regarding the suitability of the coffee machine, Diāna admits that it will be appropriate for those who serve a large proportion of coffee drinks in their daily offers. “This machine is definitely very good for high volumes – it has never disappointed us during the huge summer demand. It has the capacity and it is huge. The pressure does not change, even under heavy loads, which is very nice, because before this we have had to work with less powerful espresso machines, which betrayed us at times. The results of Latte art are also very beautiful, which depends more on experience and skill, but the milk froth produced is excellent. Definitely very handy for off-road sales, when the coffee volumes are huge. It is also important to mention that the machine is ascetic, black, works quietly, therefore it fits easily into the interior and does not “take over” the space!”

Equally important is the service – regular maintenance and technical support is always available from the specialists of the Coffee Studio. As Doma feels great responsibility towards the quality of the coffee, there is even a saying – “You are as good as the coffee you can make!”

The dishes also matter

Doma stands out with the gorgeous Loveramics mugs offered by Gemoss. Diāna reveals that the quality of preparing has also grown thanks to the Loveramics mugs. “Everybody in the work team knows, that these are professional mugs that are used in barista championships, therefore just making something and serving it in a beautiful cup is not the goal. The goal is to maintain the level and to serve the customers a delicious and beautiful drink,” says hostess Diāna, talking about the internal motivation of the employees.

Customers also favour the bright cups – very often, when ordering the drink, they ask to serve it in a cup of a particular colour, or even ask, what they should order to receive it in the particular cup, because people really enjoy holding this exquisite crockery in their hands. The hostess admits that the quality crockery has been a valuable investment in the operation of the coffee shop, which is justified both by the quality of the coffee and the customer reviews.

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