The traditional Nut Market is open at the Gemoss store

The Christmas mood is slowly starting to fill the air and will be further encouraged by the Nut Market, that has already become a tradition and takes place every year at Gemoss premises. This year is no exception, and weighed nuts and dried fruit products are available in a wide variety of packaging sizes, containers and gift sets.

The Nut Market offers

It is a good idea to take care of Christmas presents in advance, so at the Nut Market you will find both customised gifts and weighed production, to create your very own unique gift. The assortment includes a wide range of different weighed nuts, dried fruits, seeds, nut mixes. The offer also includes ready-made gift boxes of various Gemoss products, but those who prefer original gifts can use gift wrapping. Those who observe a “zero waste” lifestyle can buy weighed products of their choice at the Nut Market in their own bags or containers that they bring.

Capture a true holiday feeling at the Nut Market! The tempting nuts truly invite us to bake a cake or tasty biscuits, while the neatly wrapped gifts inspire one to decorate the house in a festive mood. If you’re really inspired to cook something that includes nuts, you can find inspiration on the Zelta Rieksts website, which offers a variety of recipes both for festive moments and for every day.

The Nut Market at the Gemoss premises (2nd floor) takes place from 21 November to 30 December.

Weighed goods and various Christmas gifts can also be purchased at other retail outlets – Gemoss pop-up stores at 111 Brīvības Street, 63 Ropažu Street and 6 Kaiju Street, in Liepāja.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Nut Market!