Tiramisu cake recipe

Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert. Elegant, creamy, rich, but very delicate with a distinct coffee taste. The Massimo Carnio chef offers to prepare a cake version of this dessert.

Coffee biscuit


  • 180 g egg whites

  • 140 g sugar

  • 20 g invert sugar

  • 2 g albumin

  • 150 g egg yolk

  • 55 g flour

  • 45 g rice starch

  • 20 g instant coffee

  • 100 g melted butter

  • 1 vanilla bean


  1. Whip the egg whites with albumin into a stiff foam, then add 70 g sugar gradually, whip until the mass is white, firm and elastic.
  2. In a separate bowl whip the egg yolks with 70 g sugar and gradually add sugar until the mass is creamy and airy, add vanilla seeds, instant coffee and dry ingredients.
  3. Carefully, with a silicone spatula, mix both masses together, then melt the warm butter.
  4. Pour the mass into a 40x60cm baking tin, coated with baking paper or a silicon pad.
  5. Bake at 180 ° C for 8-10 min. Allow to cool. Then cut with a biscuit ring of the required diameter.

Mascarpone cheese mousse


  • 80 ml water

  • 300 g sugar

  • 250 g egg yolk

  • 700 g Mascarpone cheese (room temperature)

  • 700 ml heavy cream 35%

  • 20 g gelatine

  • 100 ml water (for gelatin)



  1. Soak the dried gelatine in cold water.
  2. Whip thr egg yolks. Separately make syrup from boiling water and sugar at 118oC, then add it to the egg yolks until the mass is airy and creamy.
  3. Melt the gelatine mass in the microwave and add the Mascarpone cheese, mix well.
  4. Fold the egg yolk mass into the Mascarpone cheese and gently mix in the cream.
  5. Whip the heavy cream and add to the created cream. Use right away.


Cake assembly

Place the metal form on a baking sheet lined with a silicone mat. The sides of the form line up with the acetate tape, so after freezing the cake it can be removed easily. Pour a small amount of the mousse in the form and freeze for 10-15 min.

When the mousse has frozen, pour another part of the mousse on top and immerse the biscuit in it and top it off again with the mousse. Repeat. The cake must consist of two layers of biscuit. Freeze the cake in a freezing chamber or freezer (12 h).

Cake decorating

Remove the frozen cake from the mould. Decorate as planned. Chef-confectioner Massimo offers this decoration idea: cover the sides of the cake with Martellato brown velvet paint, and then- Poldermill chocolate powder. Then decorate with chocolate as desired.

Author of the recipe: Massimo Carnio, Italian chef from Martellato


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