Truffle charm – new products for those who love delicacies

Truffles have always been a sophisticated delicacy, but the Italian family company Sabatino Tartufi has made truffle products that allow one to enjoy these sweets more often. The spice mix, salt, pâté and oil – four fantastic products containing truffles are now offered to Gemoss customers. Sabatino Tartufi has grown into a large family enterprise, which specialises in the production of truffles in particular, and the respect for this sophisticated product has resulted in distinctive recognitions – even the most popular TV diva Oprah Winfrey has grown to love these products and has used them in her recipes several times, for example, in this egg dish.

One of the most popular Sabatino Tartufi products in the world is the truffle spice mix, and there is a reason for it – the distinctive aroma and delicate flavours add value to any dish. Spice mix has a very wide use – pasta, risotto, pizza, sauces, creams and mashes – all these will taste great! The spice mixes use a finely ground truffle powder, which still retains its distinctive aroma and taste.

The black truffle salt, also has universal use, adding the necessary saltiness and taste of truffles to any dish. A perfect product to use not only in making food, but also beverages.

Another favourite product is black truffle pâté, which contains mushrooms, truffles, olive oil and spice mix. A small portion of pâté will add heavenly flavour and aroma to the food. This product is recommended for pasta, risotto, pizza, egg-nog, salad and meat.

Olive oil is found on the shelf in every restaurant, but the black truffle oil is something that will surprise even the most demanding chefs. The black truffle oil helps create meals with a unique taste and it has a wide use – just a few drops of the oil adds the desired flavour and aroma.

Sabatino Tartufi black truffle products are available in Gemoss sales points or from sales agents.