Unique Microplane graters and a chef’s experience using them

Anyone, who has once held in his hand a Microplane grater will acknowledge, that all previously used ones, do not stand near the performance, these blades can deliver. Comfortable grip, easy to use and perfect result. Microplane is a trustworthy grater manufacturer, which has earned the highest approval of chefs for years.

The story of the producers of unique graters started in 1994, when a housewife in Canada was making an orange cake and a kitchen grater was not up to the task. Replacing the blunt grater with husband’s woodworking tool gave the perfect result, so from this came the idea to take over technology for kitchen graters. And that is how revolution began in this domain, and now Microplane production is choice of professionals and housewives for over 50 years. The graters blades are unique in the fact that the food product does not need to be squeezed to grated even the finest flakes, without losing the aromas, taste, and texture of the product.

Microplane offers various graters ,in order to achieve best possible result for each food product. Assortment contains graters for citrus fruits, vegetables, cheese, Muscat nuts and truffles. Microplane graters– an investment in quality of the results in kitchen.

The experience of chef Kristaps Sīlis

Chef Kristaps Sīlis , who works at restaurant Dome, has his own opinion about Mircoplane graters. Several years ago, Kristaps ordered professional graters from United States ,however he quickly realized that all the previous ones had been fakes of Microplane. Kristaps admits that after several years of use, graters are still at the height of its tasks, and that grating has never been so comfortable and high-quality. Working in in the kitchen every day, Kristaps has convinced himself, that a newly grated product delivers its taste, aromas and texture the best, so it is practiced, for example, by grating hard cheeses on food, and with Microplane grater, the cheese melts in airy and light flakes, providing quite different dimensions of taste. Also, the valued citrus and truffle grater grates the product correctly and it is reflected in a taste, as recommended by the chef himself.

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